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The colon theater is located in the heart of La Candelaria in downtown Bogota just a few meters from the "Plaza de Bolivar". Is the oldest and emblematic theater in Colombia. The competition for design the expansion brought with it several architectural challenges: locate the new building with heritage surroundings, intervene a traditional house, connect the old part of the colon theater with the new project and ensure broad and functional program with it.


The proposal has been studied meticulously in every detail and consists of a circulation starting from the outside crossing a threshold referring to a traditional "Sajuan" of the colonial houses, then passing through a courtyard where the public space can be used for outdoor theater and art, then finding a large atrium of four floors high where it can be understood the whole building. On the terrace is the restaurant with 360º city view and the last outdoor amphitheater.


Bogotá, Colombia






Institutional - Competition


Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Balen / Alejandro Quintana / Pedro Aparicio / Felipe Velasquez / Alberto Manrique


Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez / Carlos Balen (Estudio Bau) / Alejandro Quintana / Pedro Aparicio (Altiplano) / Felipe Velasquez (Altiplano) / Alberto Manrique (Altiplano) / Felipe Guerra (Altiplano) / Patricia Correa / Ana Maria Diaz / Victor Alejandro Tamayo / Pablo Ortiz / Francisco Balen (Estudio Bau)

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