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t h e _ t a g a n g a

Taganga is a bay populated by fishermen, it is located where the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta lands (the highest mountain in the world to land on the sea) and where the climate have a very important roll because of the hot almost all year causing recently serious drought problems. However, tourism has greatly increased over the last decade in this area. So we propose a project in the upper part of the town that uses the natural determinants as wind currents from the Sierra Nevada and the vegetation to provide shade and cool to the the atmosphere, giving as a result spaces of high comfort to the visitors.


Thanks to its geographical location the project generates different views for the guests allowing a correct relationship between the building and its surroundings. Since the beginning we designed a project that responds to the locations environmental determinants creating a building that uses the wind flow and the solar energy. Physical conditions as are the mountains and the views to the bay and ocean are guidelines that can generate the architectural design determinants.


The hostel will feature values ​​of sustainability that will generate an intended project that insists in caring the environment and the ecosystem. It uses solar panels to supply energy needs, collects rainwater for reuse as irrigation and gray water in the inside, and also thanks to the design and intelligent layout on the lot, it takes advantage of the mountain winds and eliminates the need to use air conditioning.


Taganga, Santa Marta, Colombia


2015 - ONGOING


Under Construction




Fidel Mendoza


Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez

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